Monday, May 4, 2009

What's in A Name???

Girl Alien has an ETA of September 12th, 2009. Mr. Bear and I are anxious for her arrival. I don't know if I'm more excited for the Alien herself or to work on getting my body back (kidding, I'm totally more excited for my body). Surprisingly it doesn't matter how much you cry, tears don't burn ass fat. I guess eating ice cream doesn't either.

Mr. Bear is a man wonder. Honestly, I don't know how anyone does ALL of this with a lesser man. He couldn't be any more kind or sensitive (in a very manly way) with me and all of my traumatic emotional breakdowns. He COULD have been better at getting me curly fries when I wanted them...but, it's too late now, I don't want them anymore. Lets see how he fixes all the insensitive things that people at work say (ex. "you're just getting fat all over"). If he still loves me at the end of all this I will be truly impressed.

And, to save any nosey people from the questions:

♥ No, we won't be getting married (I don't need a paper document to justify my desire to have a child with this man)
♥ Yes we're excited
♥ Yes I will keep working
♥ Yes I will give birth in a hospital with pain reducers (and my sister and mom are totally ok with this)
♥ Yes, to all those questions that end in the idea of whether or not Mr. Bear and I will do what is best for our Alien in every way. The questions may vary, but we only want the best so yes is our answer.

♥ & NO I don't think she is getting a complex because I call her an alien. Now, if I called her a big headed alien (which she is) I would expect to catch some grief. Assuming she cannot read my blog and cannot read my mind I think we're safe because I only talked about her big head out loud one or two times.

♥ Oh and really, I shouldn't have to say this, but of course I'm more excited for an alien. Totally worth the fat, and I get big boobs. Get with the humor program.

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