About This Blog

This blog began back in, wait...let me check, July 2005. Wow, that seems like a long time ago! I was early post-divorce and figured since I was a brilliant writer (just say that you agree) I'd start a blog. Let me just say that none of my first attempts at blogging were brilliant at all and I've been seriously humbled (enough to stop claiming brilliance but not enough to stop writing).

After a tell all blog of my emotions (and there were a lot), an emo poetry stint, and a half-assed humor blog about my pug (awkward!), I began once again with Running Around for No Reason. Inspired by the most hilarious and awesome video ever I named and created what you have today. Well, something similar to what I write now.

What was once about tequila, being single and/or dating, and trying to find my place as me.....is now about mothering my babies, Mad Maddie and Sir Jaime, breastfeeding, cleaning, crafting, loving my, not perfect but pretty close to it, AngryBear, & trying to find my place as me. Me the mother. Me the partner. Me the constantly changing individual.

Honestly, I think this is the only picture we have, so far, of all 4 of us. Pretty much what life is like around here; everyone sleeping except for me. Wah Wah.
I will never guarantee my writing style to be consistent, my pictures to be well planned, executed, & edited (at all), my punctuation &/or grammar to be anything resembling proper, my arguments to be based on much, other than emotions (and there are still a lot, maybe more), or my blog to be interesting to anyone other than myself. But, I hope that it is. I will guarantee the excessive use of exclamation marks, an overwhelming amount of pictures featuring my baby Mad, &.....that's about it.


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