Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All the Fish in the Sea

Since having a baby and leaving my "job" 9 months ago I've more or less been stuck in gloomy Utah weather. That means that Baby Bear and I have exhausted every toy option in the house multiple times a day. I always told Mr. Bear that when Summer came I was going to get a season pass to 7 Peaks (local water park) so we could swim every day. To me that was when the stay at home parenting perks really came into play.

I suppose when I originally thought this plan through I didn't realize how hard it would be to go to a pool with a baby so frequently nor did I imagine that I would still be struggling to drop my baby weight at this point, making my desire to hit the pool a lot less enthusiastic. Needless to say I do not have a season pass to the water park nor do I have the energy to take Baby there every day. But, although Summer has been slow to hit us, as the warm crept up my skin began to itch for some vitamin D.....and I really wanted to get good use out of the adorable swimming suit The Bear bought for his baby girl whilst still a little lump of love in my belly. Last week I buckled down and searched Land's End for a suitable bathing suit for myself (as much as I love sea horses and chubby baby bums in spandex my chubby bottom can't quite pull off such a style). Thank Zeus himself for tummy control skirt bottoms and halter tops tankinis.

After dreading what I'd look like sporting my new style out in public, white as the stuffing of an Oreo cookie and as chubby as someone who just ate a LOT of them, all last weekend, I sent my sister a text suggesting the Baby Bear and I join her and the kids at the pool today. And ho boy was it worth it! Baby was in HEAVEN in the water watching all the kids play and swishing her legs under the water, comfy in her new water float. At one point she reclined in her seat, letting her legs float up to the top of the water, as she bobbed around the busy pool. All she need was a Corona with lime to confirm she really IS my daughter. We spent a few hours playing today and if she wasn't so tired I'm sure we could have stayed until the sun went down. I even got some sun....but sssshhhh The Bear will be very upset if he knows how red my back and shoulders are. OUCH! Baby is still a lovely shade of creamy white thanks to thick layers of sun screen, I just didn't do my own skin the same justice.

We might not make it out more than a couple times a week but this is the parenting perk I've been needing. As much as I love to do laundry and make beds it just doesn't compare to spending a day in the sun. After a BBQ with my parents I dropped my sister and her kids off at their house. I rolled the window down and yelled out to my nephew, "are you sure you don't want to come live with me and let me be your mama?", "as soon as my mommy doesn't tum home I will!" he yelled back, and then added, "and when she doesn't tum back I will det her phone!". Oh man I love that kid; his big sister too. Best Summer day thus far.

This post is dedicated to my sister Amy for sharing her kids and her pool with me...and also to tummy control swimming suits.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Update

Yesterday I had the flu. It was awful. I can't thank myself enough for getting sick on the weekend though, when The Bear is home from work to help me out. I threw up on the side of the road because I thought I was better when I really wasn't. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours.

Tonight Mr. Bear and I sat outside under the stars. We talked and watched old videos of Baby Bear on his Iphone. I admit I cried, I just miss my little itsy baby so much (but I love my big independent baby too). Little babies make me cry a lot. My friend has the sweetest little baby girl and I just well up with tears when I see her pictures too. Sometimes I see little babies in public places and I stare a lot and make weird "awww cute" holding back tears at the sweetness, mama faces at them. I can't help myself. Maybe it's a lack of sleep, maybe I just haven't been snuggling enough with my sweet girl since she's been sleeping all night in her own bed. Maybe the milk in my chest pushes tears out of my eyes involuntarily. Who knows.

Speaking of tears. I just bought a swimming suit. In 4-7 days I'm really going to have something to cry about. At least I got a bottom with a tummy control option. That's a good thing right? RIGHT??? Ok, how about this. At least I got 10 bucks off plus free shipping. My advice to free stuff while online shopping is to Google search "company name" coupon codes. Works almost every time.

To end I have to share some sweet pics of Baby Bear. Mr. Bear's brother and I put our heads together and did this photo shoot in his living room. I love them but everyone keeps saying the balloons makes it look like a birthday shoot. Haters. Thanks B for spending so much time on this for me. M&m love you lots.


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