Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry End of Holidays

We survived Christmas, although barely, and are just trying to make it past New Years. The hardest thing about this whole holiday thing? Maintaining my good habits. I don't have many, good habits, and my whole world is being rocked with all the bad things influencing me right now. Mainly my diet, which consists of sugar, chocolate, dessert, and carbs, and flossing, which is a bad thing when my diet is as listed above. The first couple of days I felt awful, sick to my stomach, after eating anything sweet. Now, my body is embracing my old lifestyle and I'm craving it more and more. This.Must.Stop. I think we should just toss out all the goodies in the house. But first I want to eat that box of delicious chocolates The Bear gave me. Mmmmm......

This brings up the topic of resolutions for the new year. I've been instructed to find 5....for myself....and then as a couple we will set another 5. TEN???? That is a lot of potential failure. I'm trying to set realistic goals. Like, get better at yoga instead of do yoga 5 times a week. Or, lose at least 1 lb each month until goal weight is reached. It would take me 3 years at that rate but it allows some room for a bad month.

Not sure what my couple goals will be. Is, "stop being a nagging bitch," realistic? Probably not. Neither is, keeping my house clean all the time, always putting my dishes in the dishwasher, sweeping every day (or once a week), discontinue critical behaviors, have a bra on by 10 AM every day, brush my teeth by 10 AM every day, drink less coffee (blasphemy!), or stop napping during Mads morning nap. Not all couple goals, but you get how hard this is going to be for me.

I wish I could make the dog set a resolution. It would be, "stop hogging mama's side of the bed because it makes her regret letting me sleep with them."

And for Mad's it would be, "stop screaming like a banshee during diaper changes for no apparent reason."

Unfortunately I doubt those are reasonable either. But seriously, the diaper changes are extremely difficult these days. When I changed her while out shopping last week she was freaking out so much that I thought she was injured. I'm officially that mom everyone looks at and judges. I want to wave my arms around and tell everyone that I really am a good mom. Most of the time.

Maybe my blogging goal could be to start using punctuation correctly. I don't think that's realistic either. And not very fun. What is fun is enjoying the rest of Christmas break like this.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy End of Holidays

Tonight The Bear and I went out to do some last minute shopping for some friends. MISTAKE! Big mistake. It was raining and crowded and absolutely ridiculous. Baby Bear was awful, which is pretty typical this month. Probably because her nap schedule, that I worked so hard to enforce the first 15 months of her life, has been totally up in the air while we run errands and I give into her fits of clingy not wanting to nap-ness. So, let me say, I cannot wait for Christmas to be over. I'm tired of her opening all 3 of the presents that I put under the tree (because they are too big to hide elsewhere), I'm tired of Christmas music (except for Glee), I'm tired of crowds and selfish bratty humans, basically I've lost the Christmas spirit. Bah hum bug!!! But, I'm super excited for Mads to open presents because she'll be so so excited and that makes me excited. Bratty brat brat!

Just like I got the itch to decorate for Christmas right after Halloween I've started to get the itch actually start decorating for Valentines Day. I've been wanting to make some felt flowers to put on my yarn wreaths and I figured it out FINALLY.

So I made a wreath and I won't lie, it's awesome. I'm saving the whole picture until after I take down my Christmas stuff (TOMORROW! not really, but I wish) and find a spot for it. I can make you one too, if you're nice to me! It's my best wreath yet, I have to admit. Even The Bear lied really well about liking it.

My last glass of wine is almost empty and that means it's time for teeth brushing and bed. Here's to hoping for a bed to myself all night. Myself and Mr. Bear that is. And, not that I don't love a good snuggle but Mads is a really serious bed hog. Just sayin.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things I'm Loving

In no particular order (because I'm lazy and don't want to rearrange the pics to a particular order), these are some things I love today. I took a few shots tonight, on the fly, so I could post this. I could have (should have) waited until tomorrow so I could take them in natural light but, once again, I'm just too damn lazy. Besides, if it was as easy as saying I'd do it there would be a lot more posts on here lately. So, here you go!

Mads in a winter hat. Cutest.Ever.

Because I'm spoiled McSpoiledson my lover brought me home the ultimate in Lush gift boxes to make up for leaving me alone with an anxious dog, messy house, and satan's spawn our adorable and practically perfect daughter. I stash it in my closet where it can smell lovely every day and I can look and oooo and awwww and wish I could make it last forever.
More Lush, stashed on my closet shelves with the Nora Roberts books The Bear won't let me put on our book shelves. Yep, he's embarrassed. Aren't the colors so pretty (the Lush, not the books)?
My pretty little bench from Target that matches our bed perfectly. It also opens and has storage inside. Not tons of space, but enough. The sad part in this picture is the lack of pretty pillows on my bed. I have ideas of the perfect bed pillows so I'm slow accumulating them. Not to mention that pretty throws are expensive! Note the dark lamp on The Bear's side of the bed. Because he is traveling yet again.
My half decorated Target tree. I loaded the top half of the tree up with pretty/cheap ornaments because I have to leave the bottom emtpy due to little baby hands that like to grab. "Wow wow," she says when I turn the lights on.
My new little entryway bench. It's the perfect size and I'm so happy to have it. The baskets were even included and they are actually pretty nice. I don't sit here to read or drink my coffee but I didn't have anything to fill the other side of the bench!
Love these two. Just because they are awesome and wear things like this.

I love myself for finally buying, and prepping, my prefolds. And of course actually using them. This is a pretty great fold if I do say so myself. Too bad they don't always look so good!
The Angry Bear himself.....and our sweet doggie. Except when he yelps in the night after hearing Mad wake to nurse. The dog, not The Bear.
This face. I love scrunchie nose.
Her. This chair. Books. Bare legs in Winter. Blue eyes. Messy hair.

I love a lot right now. Things I don't love, and thus do not have pictures of, are :

♥ creepy noises in the dark house. There are a lot of them and it freaks me out some nights when I'm alone. aka tonight
♥ wind (probably a huge contributor to the creepy noises)
♥ my empty refrigerator
♥ work travel right before Christmas.
♥ work travel all the time (I know it's necessary but that doesn't mean I have to love it. This is just a "don't love" list, not an "I hate it" list)
♥ Staying up too late when I'm alone
♥ proper punctuation.

So, there you have it. Now I'm off to bed. Someday I'll have a better camera, better photo taking skillz (they are there, I just don't care to try), and the time and energy to take pictures during the day when I don't have to use a flash. Until then, this is what you get.


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