Meet My Family

In the beginning of this blog I was working in an accounting department, printing checks, ignoring voicemails, & stalking people on Facebook while simultaneously drinking too much Tequila (not while in the office) and dating every wrong kind of man in the books. Which books? All of them.

Fast forward to now. Baby, marriage, another baby = happily ever after, mostly.

Me. Melissa, mother of two babies, wife to one man, terrible blogger, awesome Facebooker. I dream about actually finishing a book I started, having a perpetually clean home, never yelling or getting annoyed (at my kids or my husband), and actually following through on my desire for one screen free day per week. I have a breastfeeding infant so this section is feeling a little empty right now, to be totally honest. Hopefully it will fill up as I become "me" again. But being "the mama" is ok with me.

Mr. AngryBear. Stephen isn't adverse to having his name posted online, that I am aware of anyway, I just like to call him my AngryBear. He makes the best ornery face in the world, the nickname stuck. For every hobby I don't have he has two. I don't know what that means, exactly, but I feel like it should mean that he has a lot of hobbies, which he does. Lover of the color red, brunettes, cycling, guns (but not to kill animals, just to shoot for fun. I know, I don't get it either.), motorcycles, jackets, cowboy boots, horror movies, and *blush* his family. Incredibly smart and quite clever I feel like he should know everything. This means I sometimes ask him random, strange, questions he has no answer for. However, most of the time he does have the answer. If he doesn't he could probably make up an answer and I would believe him.
That is the face, right there.

Mad Maddie. Our first baby. My little blonde ray of spirited sunshine. She is sweet, affectionate, polite (with her pleases and thank yous), caring, and oh so bossy. Mad is the best big sister in the world, I am in awe of her. She loves princesses and super powers, she hates sleeping alone in her own bed and wearing clothes when they are not absolutely necessary.

Sir Jaime. Our second baby. A chubby bundle of absolute joy. Happiest at home in his mama's arms while sissy entertains him, equally adorable and angelic almost everywhere we go. He was born weighing 10lbs and 4oz. If I ever need to apply for a job again I'm going to put, "pushed a 10lb 4oz baby from my own body". That should get me the job right there, I think.

This was 1 1/2 weeks before he was born. Somehow I could still walk around like this.


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