Monday, July 13, 2009

A Repeat

What's a girl to do when left alone for 3 days? Well, after suffering from immobilizing back pain for most of Sunday evening and throughout the night and then waking up exhausted with a migraine....that answer is sleep. A message to my boss, re-fluffing of the pillows and I didn't move from my bed until after 1 in the afternoon. Most people would be ashamed to admit this extreme laziness, and after a weekend no less, but I'm growing a human so I get a break. This growing business catches me a lot of breaks these days. A list? I think perhaps....

♥ eating chocolate at any point during the day
♥ eating chocolate MULTIPLE times during the day
♥ waddling....walking is way harder when you are holding a baby IN YOUR BACK!
♥ stains on every shirt I own. I still haven't figured out the dynamics of this belly.
♥ getting fat. Not only do I get away with the excess fat on my ass but people actually fall over themselves to tell me how great I look HA.
♥ sleeping all the time.
♥ crying. Mostly Mr. Bear has to deal with this, bless his angry bear heart, but I have to give props to the brother of the bear, and my own family. They all excuse the moods on a regular basis.

So, after prying myself from bed, I took an hour and half long bath reading trashy romance novels, watched re-runs of crappy tv shows, and ate a lonely dinner. And yes, I managed to spill a few drops on my PJ clad belly.

As if there could be any question, I miss Mr. Bear terribly and cannot wait for Wednesday night to be here. It seems I post these same sentiments every time he leaves, and I'm sure I'll continue to do so throughout my life (the traveling isn't likely to stop any time soon). But after many many years of bad marriage and bad dating I've finally realized what it's like to actually LOVE being with someone so much that even an afternoon without him is lonely. So I guess being sad without him is a reminder of how lucky I am to be happy with him around!

Over and out....I need to end my evening with more bad television and some peanut butter. Score.

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