Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy Pesto Shimp Mini Pizza with Sauteed Onions and Herb Goat Cheese

So I'm supposed to be working on a little Disneyland share post. But there are a lot of pictures and words to choose from and I'm lazy. So, it is going to have to wait a couple more days until I have more than a minute to myself. Speaking of minutes, lately nap time means naps for this mama too but today, and the last couple days, my leg cramping is just out of this world and it's so hard to get comfy for sleep. Instead of the two things I should be doing, writing about my little bug's first magical trip to Disneyland or napping, I thought I'd share a quick post about the most delish quicky mini pizza I've ever made. It's so yummy and oh so easy I just had to share. In fact, I just had leftovers while my computer booted up. The bread was a little more droopy but still yum.

I saw this recipe on Pinterest. It's actually a pretty simple recipe as she has it but I don't have a Trader Joe's to buy pre-made dough from and rolling etc....well I'm just too lazy these days, it's kind of my thing. So I made a few adjustments using a flatbread pizza creation from The Pioneer Woman that I've done before. But this was way better than that first time.

Anyway, I buy Naan flat bread for this pizza that is in the perfect oval shape which I find in the bread aisle at our GOOD grocery store. I don't shop at Wal-Mart so I can't say if stores like that have good Naan bread but maybe? I also added sauteed white onions and tomatoes and the goat cheese I used was an herb goat cheese, so perfect for this recipe. I didn't know they were going to be so amazing when I started so I don't have any step by step pics, but the original recipe does, so feel free to use that (but really, add in the onions and tomatoes, it makes a world of difference).

For this recipe you need :
♥ Pizza dough or flatbread
♥ pesto (I highly recommend the Costco brand pesto if you were too lazy to plant basil this year....like me)
♥ goat cheese
♥ mozzarella cheese
♥ Shrimp aka shrimpies (that's how Mad and I say it)
♥ white onion
♥ fresh tomato
♥ garlic seasoning, Italian seasoning, & fresh ground black pepper

To start saute some halved and thinly sliced white onion in a pan of melted butter, yum, until they are fragrant, soft, and golden. This is my favorite step, onions in butter smells incredible (until you go to bed that night!). While they are cooking pre-heat the oven (she did 400 degrees but I only did 375 because I didn't need to actually cook the dough just toast and melt everything slowly) and smear your bread/dough with pesto. Also, slice up some tomato and grate the mozzarella cheese. When the onions are done spread them over the top of the pesto, as much or as little as you'd like. Add tomato, top with shredded mozzarella, and crumble goat cheese on top of that. Season now with fresh black pepper. Add a bit more butter to the same pan and toss in your shrimp, giving each piece room to cook. Quickly toss on some garlic and Italian seasonings and flip to the other side, cooking 30-45 seconds on each side, just enough to see them turn pink. Top your bread with the shrimp pressing them down a bit into the cheese mixture (in my opinion how you add the toppings really does make a big difference which is why I go into such detail about the order of it all) and put the pan into the oven. I don't think I specified but I just put the bread on a big cookie sheet to catch all the drips etc.

Now you can see how the layers really pay off. All the colors look so perfect and every bite has just the right amount of goodness.
Honestly the cooking time will really vary depending on the oven and your desired bread toastedness. If you used pre-made dough like the original recipe it should be about 20 minutes. Mine went for about 10 or 15 minutes; I just kept peeking at them and when the edges were golden and the cheese was bubbling I pulled them out. Admire how beautiful your mini pizzas are, post pictures on Instagram or Facebook so you can pretend to be domestic, and try not to burn your mouth and you shovel it into your mouth. Your kids will love this too, I swear. Maddie went crazy for it and even Stephen had one sans shrimp. I don't think I'll ever make mini pizza with regular pizza sauce again. I love pesto so much I might name my baby Pesto....with the middle name of goat cheese.

Now, please excuse me while I go print off a poster sized print of this pizza to put over my bed.

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