Saturday, September 8, 2012


I had all kinds of plans to post a lengthy, overly detailed, birth story. That didn't happen and I kind of lost interest in the story. I guess that happens as you move away from birth and into life with your baby. At 3 weeks it feels like old news*snore* and things like poop and throw up are more my current life right now. Exciting! I'm so cool! And interesting! I never leave the house unless it is for the baby!

Anyway, a brief rundown. It was no secret that I wanted a med free labor and delivery. Here is how it went down.
♥ contractions began 10 minutes apart at 4 AM and continue consistently all day.
♥ We ran some last minute errands to pass the time. Mr. Bear liked to shock people by telling them I was in labor. This only happened once but I could tell that he liked it, ok.
♥ Labored intensely at home until 7ish PM then headed to the hospital.
♥ Checked in at 7cm I was feeling like a rock star!
♥ Tub then checked an hour later, 8 1/2 cm
♥ 2 hours after arriving tons of pressure, major panic setting in @ 9 cm
♥ Lots of doubting, baby has been posterior sooooo that = back labor this whole day. I'm tired.
♥ by midnight I'm still at 9 cm and pushing involuntarily but my water still hasn't broken so I ask her to break it in hopes that I can push the baby out within the hour.
♥ Pain. Constant, never ending, intense contractions. Pressure in the wrong area.....I know baby isn't ready to come out.
♥ Pushing on my side/back where I am most comfortable with no change. Still at 9 cm because baby is posterior still and not turning.
♥ Pushing on hands and knees. Nothing.
♥ It's 2 AM. I've been at 9 cm since 10 PM. I yell at everyone a lot and demand an epidural. I am exhausted and cannot move. I know that the baby isn't coming until he turns and that could be hours.
♥ At roughly 3 AM I have the epidural. I'm too tired to be disappointed. Baby's heart rate drops a little but I find a good position for him and fall asleep for 20 minutes.
♥ By 4 AM baby has turned. I credit my nap during which contractions slowed down quite a bit and that is how I will continue to justify giving in to the epidural. Dr. thinks she will need to use forceps, calls backup. She is worried that there is something wrong with baby's position and I might even need a C-Section though the thought never crossed my determined mind.
♥ Pushing.
♥ 4:30 AM more pushing. Dr. says this baby is going to be huge.
♥ 5:04 AM my beautiful baby is born. "It's a boy!" Stephen says. He knew it. He's huge.
♥ 10 lbs 3 oz and cute as a button.

Did I say brief? I suppose this IS brief for me.....

We've been busy living life, too busy to care that things didn't go exactly as I had hoped. Now I feel pretty great and am anxious to drop the excess weight I've been hanging onto for years now. It's hard to be patient. I miss the little kicks inside of me but even waking at night to nurse a baby is easier than sleeping with an enormous painful belly. Jaime fits right in. He complains a lot but doesn't cry too often unless there is no boob when he wants it or someone is holding him who doesn't know how to do the bounce & pat pat system the way mama does. Which means pretty much everyone, except for Gram, and so I do a lot of the holding and calming. I still love him. Mad loves him. I miss giving her all my attention but in all honesty this Summer has been tiring and not that wonderful for mothering so I guess this is better.  


rebecca said...

I feel bad that you used the word disappointed about the epidural. I think you needed that break, I really do!

Jess said...

Yay!!! Great story...thanks for sharing...finally!! ;) What a big, beautiful boy. So, so happy for y'all!


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