Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bright and Sunshiney Day

First of all...I know. Shitty blogger right! Please let me explain, let me tell you all the reasons I've failed as your internet Savior (please, don't try to deny it), I have so many good excuses. First of all I quit my second job. FINALLY! This doesn't contribute to my shitty bloggerness, I just wanted to talk about it. Actually, I only have two reasons. A) I've been really busy at the one job I DO still have and I refuse to computerize my evenings away at home and B) My life is totally and completely boring so I have nothing funny or witty to share with you.

I could tell you that I hate when my sleep is disturbed by the need to get up and pee. I mean, who wants to get out of bed at night just to go to the bathroom? Not me! I've been sleeping through this pestering feeling for as long as I can remember and now I'm beginning to think that perhaps I drink too much liquid? Either way my bladder and I have had a talk and I expect it to be on its very best behavior going forward.

But, chances are you don't care about my bladder and it's misbehavior and would much prefer to look at pictures from my recent trip to L.A. Maybe I'll throw one of a pug puppy while I'm at it just for cuteness sake.

Stephen took Carly and I to La Reve at Wynn in Vegas. It was tons of fun! As you can see we are really interested in what is happening. Carly is likely checking out all the bald "Joe's" doing splits on poles. FYI to all the men out there, she likes the splits not baggage!

Flowers bloomed from the sky for us!

The water stage the performance took place in/on.

After Vegas we headed on to L.A. First stop Hollywood! There is supposed to be the Hollywood sign behind us but it was too far away...and our faces were the number one priority. Hello!

We brought Carly as a peace offering and it worked for at least one night. It looks like we're all couples. Cute/throw up! I left the red eyes on there just because I'm awesome like that/super lazy.

Stephen and his boyfriends (can I call them that?) were happy to see each other. Here is where I mention that they used to be obedient to "The Lord" and all served a mission together in Russia like dutiful man boys do (the serving no the together in Russia part). Hope I don't get in trouble for saying that!

And now I will share with you a small portion of pictures from our day at the beach....and one of a pug puppy.

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C.S. Perry said...

I have the same flower picture from my recent, ill-timed trip to Vegas.
But I'm glad that you enjoyed that Hell-On-Earth city.


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