Monday, March 23, 2009

Your Turn to Do the Dirty Work

I wish I had a lot to say but I don't because I'm And I can't sleep and my back hurts from tossing and turning. So that is what I have to say, along with a million other things that I won't say because I'm And I can't sleep...You get the picture.

I'm currently displaced, in the middle of being IN place, and let me tell you THAT shit is exhausting. Building things with tools is not something I recommend for healthy relationships. I would say that you'd be better off letting him do it...while you, the woman, slaved away on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy. NOT that I would do this, but, it's a suggestion. Other options would be to make Nachos. Said things that were built with tools are now very useful. I have a much needed nightstand that I use to collect piles of useful junk such as vitamins, water bottles, hair pins, earrings, tissues etc etc. Mr. Bear uses his to hold the 10 billion remotes that make the television turn on and off. Strange since the only things we watch on it are the Apple TV downloads and the one mini Apple TV remote usually stays lost amongst the piles of blankets and pillows on our bed. Apple, I shake my fist at whomever decided to make that damn remote so teeny tiny...and white! Real remotes are large with flashing buttons and alarms.

People at work whisper behind my back about how I'm getting fat(ter). If they said this to my face I would say, "I know!", or "really? I guess that is why I'm not supposed to eat those curly fries for dinner every night?". Instead they say it to my friends and then I cry and say they are ass holes. As Mr. Bear would say, "Indeed!". But I cry without tears, because real girls don't cry with tears. As for the fat, well, they'll get used to it eventually, and I imagine they will feel really bad about gossiping!

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