Monday, September 27, 2010


Since we bought the house I've been obsessively searching the internet for design ideas to help me fill up all the empty wall and corner space. I've replaced a lot of my favorite celebrity mom blog spots with design on a dime style blogs and they've given me the itch to start re-finishing furniture more often.

Years ago I helped a friend finish a table for his house. During the whole process he bitched and moaned about how he could have found the same table, finished the exact same way, for a lot less money, at DownEast and he wouldn't be stuck in the garage at that very moment, with paint fumes filling his nostrils, in the middle of Winter. I admit we didn't really know what we were doing and did almost all the sanding by hand (there was A LOT of it!) which made the process even longer but it gave me the itch and I've never lost it. Sometimes I wonder if he still appreciates that table and all the work we put into it......probably not. But I appreciate the lesson learned!

My itch to thrift shop for furniture to re-finish is also coupled with the strong desire to add some color to my home. I don't want to just have a stand to throw keys on I want to have a COLORFUL one. I want to have a red/blue/green/orange/yellow console that I can hide all the awful electronics in my living room. I want to have the awesome creative furniture that people "oooo" and "awwww" at when they enter my home. Currently I am a RcWilley couch owning, Costco rug loving, Pier One table dining woman. I hate that there is no character to my entry way. I loathe my cluttered counters. I despise my poor attempt at pillow creativity. I need to be more crafty!!!!!

I enjoy finding a project and getting to work on it. Mostly it's my sticktoitivness that starts to lag after a while. When we moved in I was going to do everything, ALL AT ONCE! Of course after finishing two picture frames and not really loving the design outcome I sort of lost my momentum. A shelf for Baby Bear's bedroom sat, forgotten, on top of the washer/dryer for months. I shocked myself when I ordered, and actually picked up, a gorgeous photograph that my dad shot. The easy option was to buy a frame from Target and I shocked myself again when I found energy one day and hung it. This required measuring, marking, & leveling which are not things I enjoy. And you know what. I love that picture. It really adds to our small bathroom and every time I see it I smile.

This weekend while The Bear was sick and my mom was babysitting Baby Bear for our not so datey "date night" I pulled out the shelf for the nursery. I sanded and painted that night and the next morning I put the last coat on and did some antiquing. It turned out lovely! The Bear helped me hang it and, aside from agonizing over what should be placed on the shelf itself, it looks amazing! When Mad wakes up from her naps she smiles at me and points to it, showing me the new addition to her room. She's very attentive to details in her space and the fact that I have her approval gives me the drive to do more.

So, here's a goal for the Fall/Winter. Be crafty. Furniture, frames, candle holders, kitchen decor. Whatever it may be, large or small, I'm going to get it done before Spring. Ok. Maybe not all of the things that need to get done. But some of them. A lot of them. And it won't take me weeks of mental preparation either. Maybe next year I'll have the nerve to approach the subject of wall painting with The Bear......

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