Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Diva

Winter has come in full force and every part of me wants to curl up underneath the blankets and hibernate through the next several months. But, I have these....

to keep me busy and happy and warm despite my desire for constant sleep.

We've been busy little Bears with Thanksgiving and other holiday errands to run. Baby Bear has been pretty tuckered out every single night and has slept until after 4AM the last few days. No complaints here! She's also been a serious crack up. We can't take her anywhere without stopping traffic and charming the pants off of every person she comes in eye contact with. I like to think that she makes people happy with her smile, changing their days for the better, and just the other night I got confirmation of that. We were sitting down at dinner when an elderly woman and her husband walked by. Mad beamed up at her with a big toothy grin, scrunching her nose up, and the woman smiled back, "thank you for that smile, I needed it", she said. When my Baby Bear is all grown up I will tell her this story, maybe when she feels like she isn't important or special, (we all have those days don't we?) so she knows how extremely special she always has been. Not just to me and her daddy but to people that don't even know her. The wonderful thing about children is that there is no judgment, no bias, no fear of the things they don't understand. She loves the men the women, the gay the straight, every color of skin, every size big and small, the happy the sad, the shy and the bold. She is something pretty amazing and I am honored to be her mama bear. /emotional blabbering

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