Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Decorating Around for No Reason

I wanted to brag share the pics of the wreaths I made for Valentines Day. Pretty sure The Bear is going nuts with all the Valentines Day crafts since it's the most awful and ridiculous holiday in his mind. But, I've got to stay sane and making felt flowers is doing it for me right now. Why can't cleaning do the same? My kitchen would really like to know.

The pictures range from kinda crappy to really awful because they were taken in bad light.....oh yeah and with my Iphone....but, lighting aside, the general idea is there. The first was for my sister. That is the worst of the photos, because the sun was glaring right at it, so you can barely see detail. Oops. The second is mine. It's mini and hanging on the inside of my front door. This was the first wreath I made with felt flowers and I love it just for that reason. The last was for my mom. I <3 all but the ribbon. I was just so ready to give it to her so I didn't want to take the next few days to think on other ideas for that space. Yuck to the ribbon but YAY to the earthy slash homemade style of the grapevine and flowers.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Love the white one! Very cool. Don't ya just LOVE crafts?! ;)


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