Monday, March 7, 2011

Pitter Patter

There is something comforting about listening to the dishwasher, with my slippers on, hair pulled back, and rain falling quietly outside. There is no wind whipping around the windows, which is unusual for our house this time of year, no television bleeping away, no sounds of my toddler dumping baskets of toys out. It's thoroughly enjoyable for the moment. Soon Spring will be here. We will have gardening to do, Spring cleaning that, much like Winter cleaning, never seems to end, new toys to play with, walks to go on, pools to visit, & parks to play at. But, today, it is just a quiet rainy day....and right now it is asking for a cup of hot coffee. I think I will indulge, thank you very much.

Mad and I on Mother's Day last year. Spring at it's finest.

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