Friday, July 22, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week and Blogs about Boobs!

I've been so happy to be involved in my local La Leche League as Mad grown older and I feel like I need to be surrounded by women that know, understand, and agree with my ideas of breastfeeding and parenting in general. To make me feel a little more "normal" you know?

August is almost here and that means World Breastfeeding Week is almost here too! I'm excited to support the events my local LLL groups have planned (I'm volunteering for several days at the SLC Breastfeeding Cafe so if you're local you should swing by and say hello!) and one of those events is a series of blog spots, a Blog Carnival if you will, by different bloggers. I don't really have time to post every day of the week so I offered to do a guest blog post on the main Cafe page. Today my post on Breastfeeding in Public (something you already know I'm a supporter of) is being featured so I hope you'll stop by and give it a read, if that interests you, and check out some of the other posts linked at the bottom.

Even if you aren't a breastfeeding mama, never were, and never will be (*ahem* men, we need your support too), there is more information than ever about the awesomeness that is breastfeeding so consider reading up. I hope by the time Mad has little babies of her own to nurse she is joined by a world that knows, loves, and supports breastfeeding mothers more than ever!

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