Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide - Affordable Ladies Edition

I wish I knew how/cared enough to put my pictures into a fancy little organized and numbered thingy like some fancy bloggers do. But I don't. Really, I just don't care. Here are some super sweet gifts on the smallish side for the ladies. Feel free to buy me any of these items!

C'est La Vie mug via Urban Outfitters

Owl Cookie Jar via Anthropologie

Fingerless Gloves via Etsy - lots of other colors and styles!
Butterfly pillow via Etsy
Boatneck Tee via GAP
Velvet cosmetic bags via Pottery Barn p.s. The Bear gave me these last year and I LOVE them!


Thermal pj set via Victoria's Secret
I don't think my gift choices are especially exciting but then I'm a stay at home mama on a budget so I guess I feel like this stuff is more, uh, realistic? I can't tell you how many times I hear people say, "oh we're not doing gifts for each other this year", we are totally saying that this time around. But the truth is if we can swing it we'd all love to get something for the person we love the most. Or, you are doing gifts and want to keep is low profile. These are all something I'd get for my sisters, mothers, aunts, or friends and only the cute owl cookie jar exceeds $50.

Anyway, good luck if you are Christmas shopping this year! Happy hunting!


Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...


Mel said...

I know right?! It's also exceptionally affordable for Anthro. Maybe it's a tea set version for kids?

Manda said...

i must get those PJ's!!! MUST!

Lisa @ Tales of a Young Housewife said...

LOVE those pj pants! So so cute :) Great ideas.


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