Monday, March 5, 2012

MIA Again!

3 months?! I almost don't believe it. Are these photos evidence of a good enough excuse???

15 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks (current) late night facial situation is so bad I had to cover my face

Maddie photo post bomb! Still my BFF and favorite distraction.
So, there is a not so tiny feeling hulk baby growing in my big ol' belly. Not to imply that it is a boy. I just feel huge compared to where I was at this point when pregnant with Mad aka my "Alien".

17 week with my Maddie - I'd pay lot of money to have the smooth looking belly back!
So, the first trimester is well over by this point and I feel pretty much human again. Except for the migraines. Way worse than with Maddie I have to say, it's pretty crippling some days. I'd love to try and catch up and share all the adorable/awesome pictures I have of my baby girl the last few months but that would be boring and, let's be honest here, I'd never actually get caught up I'd just stay 3 months behind forever. So we'll just stay here and pretend the past 3 months were blogged about and really amazing.

I'm not one to get too sappy but I just have to throw it out there, I love my life. I love my husband almost every day of the week, I love my Mad Maddie so much it hurts, and I'm so thrilled that I get to be a mama again to whatever little human is growing inside of me. On that note I'll just tell everyone now that we are NOT finding out the gender until D day! You read me correctly; since this will likely be our last child (The Bear is having moments of insanity suggesting otherwise but I think he just hit his head or something) I've somehow convinced Mr. Bear to get on board with a surprise baby and I couldn't be happier. I have no anxiety about the big anatomy scan, or wondering if they will have gotten the gender wrong and all my money on clothes will be a waste. I have only thought momentarily about nursery decor and baby clothing. My thoughts are pretty clear these days and I'm just able to enjoy day to day life and baby growing without any sort of anxiety. 2nd pregnancies are a breeze!

So that's it, that is why I've been MIA the last 3 months. I fully intend to be my regular posting self again immediately! So, like every week or so ;).


Gillman said...

Yay! For new baby and yay for new posts! I am so happy for you! I have to admit, I've missed your witty writing a lot. I know it is said often, but we really should get together soon and play. Stone pointed out your neighborhood the other day as we drove around the point and reminded me that's where Maddie lives. Let's make a date!

Mel said...

Why is it so hard to follow through with our promises to plan? :) Let's do it for sure. I'll message you on FB or something!

Tina said...

Great bump photos! I wonder if the difference in size is also due to it no longer being your first pregnancy? A friend of mine is 6 weeks behind me and she already has a good size bump (it's her second) while I have almost nothing.

Anyway, love the photos!


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