Monday, November 19, 2012

3 Months

My sweet Jaime,

You are 3 whole months old! It's amazing how fast time has gone by. You like to talk talk talk talk talk. Such a chatterbox. You make everyone who meets you feel so special because you smile and just tell them all about yourself. Your round cheeks are so kissable! I kiss you so much and I think it makes your already sensitive skin even more so but I just. Can't. Stop. You adore your sister. ADORE! I could not have imagined the way you two have bonded. She is SOOOO overwhelming and tends to smother you and get in your face, loudly, and often, but you just smile and jabber at her. When you hear her voice you search the room to find her. You love to twist your little chubby fists in her blonde hair. I love it. I love you both so much I can't imagine how I ever lived my life without you both in it.

Your easygoing personality has not changed. You get cranky and want to be carried constantly but when it is time to sleep, at night, you put yourself to sleep (after nursing for a good 30 or 40 minutes) and stay down until 3 AM, usually. I couldn't ask for more! You love to stand up on my legs, be tickled on your ribs, "fly" in the air, and trot on my knees. Every day with you is amazing and wonderful. I feel so lucky to be your mama.

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