Sunday, December 30, 2012

4 Months.....Very Late

I just now realized that I haven't done a 4 month post yet. December is crazy and overwhelming and that is my excuse. are a joyous light that has entered our home and we will never be the same again. I adore you. Daddy melts at your smile. Sister, well, she is more obsessed than any of us. We love you! I know every parent says this about their kids but I cannot even imagine life without you. slobber everywhere, chew on everything, smile at everyone, and laugh so adorably it makes me want to freeze you at this age forever. I feel so lucky to be your mama. I had this perfect beautiful baby girl, your sister, and I thought life could not be any more amazing. Then I gave birth to you, my little ray of sunshine, and you have made our world complete. Thank you for being here. I love you.

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