Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolution to Resolve

I certainly need to update the header on this blog. Only I don't want to. Even though I love my Jaime baby, my little joyful chubby boy, I loved that Maddie baby first. And now she is growing. And growing. And I'm sad about it. I love who she is now, except when she talks back. But even then I love that a little too because I know that she is strong willed and knows what she wants and she is smart and clever and all those good things we hope our girls turn out to be. Who cares if she refuses to admit she knows her alphabet? Not me, not much anyway. She'll just start reading novels tomorrow because there was something cool on the cover. That is how my girl works.

My little ham bone. She loves her some pictures.
Also, it is that time to admit that I caved and committed to, yet another, year of resolutions I'm not sure if I'll achieve. Only this year I have a head start. So, here is my list. The more and the less of the New Year. 2013, I don't know how you could compare to 2012 (remember that joyful boy I was just talking about?) but I welcome you to try.

♥ laughing
♥ cleaning
♥ writing
♥ reading
♥ kissing
♥ snuggling
♥ dressing up
♥ wine drinking (that one will be really easy!)
♥ patience
♥ learning
♥ dance parties
♥ better wife becoming
♥ mamaing
♥ bath taking
♥ body, not my house.
♥ crafting
♥ loving
♥ playing
♥ breastfeeding ♥
♥ memory making
♥ meal making
♥ improper punctuating!;......""
More kisses on this happy face
More bum shots please
♥ money spending
♥ junk food eating
♥ fighting (not that there was that much ;)
♥ weight gaining (should also be pretty easy)
♥ procrastinating
♥ back aching

I'm happy my more list is longer than my less list. I'm also happy that I ending the year hoping that the next could be just a fraction as wonderful. 

Resolution posts of the past : 2009 2011 More 2011 2010 I only did a year end review, which was kind of a snore (it took me 3 posts, WTF man) and 2012 I was too tired and pregnant to care about resolutions.

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