Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Wrap-up. Please, Wrap.It.Up.

It's late and I am the last one awake in the house. Daddy and baby fell asleep first and then I tiptoed up to Miss Mad's room where she was sneakily sitting at her desk coloring her "work jobs" (anything that seems like it would be for school, she is desperate to go, or just anything with a pen/pencil and paper) and chatting to herself. She hopped into bed, arranging bears around the pillows where the might be most comfortable and able to snuggle with each other, and settled into her warm nest of blankets. 4 bedtime songs and a few minutes of humming, a few reminders to keep her hands out of her nose and/or mouth, and she was off to sweet baby dreamland. I still see her soft cheeks while she sleeps and feel amazed that she is mine.
She is so awesome and strange at the same time.
Tonight I'm thinking about all the things that will happen this year. I'm excited for a lot of new adventures and hopeful that I will be up to the task. I really hope some of those adventures include more writing....and more shopping too. WHAT?! Shopping is an adventure. It is.
I'm addicted to coffee accessories and chalk labels.
This Winter is starting to get to me. Like a page in a book curling up with age, heat, moisture. I'm officially curled, only no heat was involved. Some weeks I hardly leave the house except to buy groceries and wine. If I can manage to send The Bear out to do those things for me, well, even better. I go to Target and buy dresses that are made for warm weather and sandals. I'm going to start wearing these dresses with fuzzy socks, cranking the heat up so high we all start to sweat and magically get tan. Don't believe me? Just you wait. JUST WAIT!

Often Maddie wanders around in circles whining and acting generally obnoxious. She refuses to go to her room to play because she wants to be with me, but she is BORED. Bored out of her mind. When the snow outside is nice and not icy she'll go make mini snowmen and practice her snowball throwing. Other days she just hangs out in her panties and begs to watch movies over and over and over. And over.
Watching a movie. I die, they are so cute.
What I'm saying is, we are all ready for Spring. Ok?
She isn't bored of him yet.


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