Tuesday, March 5, 2013

6 Months

6 months old. That is halfway to a year! Time please stop. Sweet Jaime. You are so happy OR so extremely angry/sad. You've really blossomed a personality this month and gone are the perfectly content days of your infanthood. You know that you want to move, but can't. You see things and want them. You want to be held and walked around the house all day, so I carry you in our carrier. You cook, clean, eat, and sleep with me this way and I love it. You love to sit up on your own to play. Mostly you like to play with sister. She is amazing to you, as are the cats, and you laugh whenever you see her, even though she hasn't done anything funny. We dance and sing to make you happy. Music really speaks to you and I think you must get that from your daddy. You sleep mostly terribly until you are finally next to me in bed. I know people think I create a monster with my kids and my bed but the truth is you DEMAND it and I just listen. I love you and will give you what you need to thrive, especially if all you need is my closeness and love. During this month you got some major stranger anxiety, but here we are just out of 6 months and it has started to subside, just as I knew it would if I continued to protect you and respect your need for me. But, that is news for next months (late) update. Your hair is fuzzy and soft. Daddy, Maddie, and I all love to rub our faces against your head, we just can't help it, you feel so good. You still love to nurse and toward the end of the month I started to see some relaxation on how/where we nurse. Before it was ONLY in bed, lying down, when it was very quiet. By the end of the month we started to practice nursing in the Ergo baby carrier and would sneak in some nursing on the couch again. I look forward to the days when I can go anywhere without worrying about feeding you. Although, speaking of eating, you are over 20lbs and are nearly 30 inches long without eating any solid table food. I am so proud of the fact that I made it 6 months without a single supplemental feeding and you are absolutely thriving on my milk. We've let you have some of a banana or avocado but you aren't interested in slurping puree from a spoon so I haven't really pushed it. Clearly you are healthy and will eat more food when you need and want it.

I love you. I adore you. You are beautiful and handsome and happy. You are mine, and I feel so lucky. Stay little my sweet baby, please stop growing!
Our first time nursing in the Ergo. We are now pros and nurse like this while we grocery shop!
You are obsessed with the cats. They are, well, not so much...but this day they wanted to nap on your changing table and let you pet them in exchange.
*I am so tired and didn't even bother proofreading this post. If it makes no sense, well, just take that as proof of how much energy this boy has.

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