Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eye Candy

I was browsing his highness, Teh World Wide Webs, and I stopped by my favorite "I'll never own anything from you but I love you anyway" Etsy shop when a vision stopped me in my clicking tracks....behold (you have to click on the link to do the beholding). Seriously...I've never wanted something so much in my entire whole lifetime! ARGHAGHADKLFJGOIJDF It is meant to be and I MUST have it. It's likely I can justify buying it for Christmas (someone has to buy me something and, since I'm officially going to be the most single this year that I've ever been since right after my divorce, so it is going to have to be myself) it's just a matter of waiting and clicking to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. I really love the design on it, honestly I covet all of her work, but as soon as I saw the name I knew it was made just for me.

*sigh* *swoon*

*Edit: I said entire whole lifetime...which is backasswards from how I intended it, but on second thought I prefer it that way so it stays.......

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