Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Usage Problem

I went to this really awesome bar in Spanish Fork (I know right!!!) and I wonder why Orem can't have a nice bar like that. They have pints of PBR for $1.00 Monday-Wednesday and right now they have Wasatch Pumpkin Ale on tap. Yum! Last year someone I know *ahem* Emilix *ahem* wasn't a huge fan of it (it being Pumpkin Ale)....but mayhap she has changed her mind and would like to join a group of us down there this coming Tuesday. Not sure she wants to go anywhere with me after this last weekend (do we really look like sisters? awesome ha)...I'm an obnoxious drunk when I'm upset APPARENTLY...but she should seriously consider it. I'll be so much better this time.


Emilee said...

Hahaha. I love you. Sisters forever. Tee hee. You are awesome drunk. You know that! I just got tired and left. Sometimes I do weird things. Okay?!!!!! I would love to come. Next Tues? Count me in boss. Just let me know and give me a reminder pretty please.

Mel said...

Can it please be, "Sisters Forevah!" that is way more cool.

I just sent you an invite on Facebook to the Tuesday thing. Sweeet!


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