Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Liner

Message from mom: "Missing you!"

I wish that she didn't have ulcers because that means she can't drink with me!

Speaking of drinks...I came to the conclusion that the reason things are so hard to cope with this week is due to lack of Tequila. Tequila really asks for company and because I haven't been out much in the last couple of weeks I just haven't had it around me. Well, tonight that will change. I should have known that the cheer me up I needed came in the form of a delicious gold liquid! I realize that all of my ramblings about alcoholic substances make me seem a little bit of an, oh I don't know, ALCOHOLIC but I promise that I'm not. I just drink it on a regular basis to make my problems go away.....hmmmm....probably shouldn't have said that.

To plead my case I will now list all the other things I do on a regular basis to make myself feel better. In no particular order:

♥ Eat peanut butter in bed
♥ Eat ice cream from the carton (sometimes in, but not limited to, my bed)
♥ Cry excessively
♥ Yell the fuck word at old people driving down the road really slowly
♥ Listen to Michael Bolton love songs
♥ Write sob worthy Tweets and then erase them*
♥ Watch re-runs of Ace of Cakes(and crush on Geof because A)I like men with that name and B) I think he's sexy in that goofy sort of way. Yum to cakes and sexy/goofy men)
♥ NOT wear my seat belt (take that! Ooooo such a rebel)

NONE of these things are good for me but do you see people urging me to attend an "I love Michael Bolton when I'm depressed" support group? No, no you don't. And you know what, I'm WAY less ashamed of drinking Tequila (and not even to excess) than I am of admitting my taste in sob induced tunes. That's right, I said it! I think if Jesus was standing right next to me on these particularly bad nights he'd raise a glass too....then again, I suppose saying things like this is the reason my dad's religious fanatic sister thinks I'm going to hell. Dude, Jesus is for lovers! Michael Bolton is too, so take that. They're my posse, yo.

*If you don't know what a Tweet is then get thee to Twitter!!!

I think this is all for today. I still want the week to end but at least I have something to look forward to; Friday night my darling niece will be coming to have a sleepover with me! We'll be doing dinner, either making it together or going out to a fancy restaurant, and will likely end up watching my original Care Bear DVD episodes with some popcorn. I wish I could bring my nephew too but he's a bit too wild for girls night.

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