Friday, February 26, 2010

First and Second

First of all....check out my new favicon*! (that is the little picture next to the web address bar) I had it made into a little bear because, you know, I'm in love with an Angry Bear and I gave birth to a very cute Baby Bear. I got it from a wonderful Etsy site for a reasonable price and I'm so happy with it. Makes my blog so cheerful. Now if I can find someone who will design my blog for free instead of charging me $85! har har I have a great idea for my blog header, I just need to figure out how to get it done. Dad??? I feel like you should be able to help me do this. ANYWAY.

There is no second of all. I'm just so happy because last night Baby Bear only woke up 3 times after we got home and in bed around 10 PM. Sleeping from 10-1, 1-3:30, (waking at 4 because she needed to be reswaddled, I'm not counting that one), & finally 4-7ish is impressive in my book. Ok, it doesn't sound impressive, I get that, maybe it was just the fact that I went to bed at 10 too. Yeah, that must be it. Bummer, I had convinced myself we had a good night.

I guess that's it. Now I need to pack Baby Bear's bag so she can go spend a few hours with her Grammy. Mr. Bear and I are attempting to house hunt but I'm here to tell you that it is FRUSTRATING! Really frustrating. I'm just focusing on the grateful factor. I'm grateful that we are in the position to look for houses. I just need to keep repeating that over and over and over. Because a 2 bedroom condo just IS NOT cutting it anymore. Wish us luck.

*I think if you use internet explorer you won't see this, bummer for you.

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