Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Mama Bear After All

Today I cried as I watched "The Doctors" episode on Haiti. Another glance into the heartbreaking wreckage that they are left with there. I sat, while my perfect baby slept peacefully in her warm bed, and I cried. I stared into the eyes of those sweet sweet children who smile despite their circumstances.

Children give us hope. They give this sad world a reason to live, to move forward, to stay strong. My mama heart aches for all the suffering the babies of that country have experienced and for all the mamas who have lost their babies, or babies who have lost their mamas. I wish I could take them under my wing and protect them from the hurt they will continue to suffer through. It is so difficult to watch and not be able to run to them.

So tonight I held my child close. I buried my face in her sweet neck and loved her as hard as I knew how. It warmed my heart. I know how lucky I am. Later Baby Bear joined me in a giant bubble bath and we laughed together. She has just learned how to splash and every time she looks amazed at what her little hands are capable of. I let her float on her back and she immediately folded in half so she could float AND eat her bubble covered toes at the same time. The wonderful thing about letting her take a big bath is that I can let her sink (safely) down in the water so it comes all the way to her shoulders while her legs and arms swish around in the water; she loves it. Then she smiles up at me with her big blue eyes and the long day just melts away with the bubbles. Thank heaven for big bath tubs; it sure beats sitting in an awkward bath chair and having the rapidly cooling water barely splash over her tummy.


Jason said...

I've never seen a more perfectly formed baby face...and skin so smooth.

Heather said...

She is absolutely adorable!!! One of the cutest babies I've seen.


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