Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Thing About Dreaming Is.....(Part Deux)

Ok, do you recall this post about my dream house? Well I sure do and at the time I thought, "Melissa, this is a mighty TALL order. The Bear loves you and wants you to have everything you could ever want or need but a dream house might be years and years away." I was prepared to have a house that wasn't my dream house.

Just recently we moved from "looking into looking" for homes to actually looking LOOKING for homes . The whole ordeal stresses me out to no end. Down payments, bank accounts, qualification, credit score, FINDING A HOUSE!!! Bidding wars, disappointment, tears, anger, sadness, NO dream house. I was not looking forward to it. The anxiety alone made me want to stay in our cramped two bedroom condo, which we outgrew the day I moved in with him.

Today we saw my dream house. I mean, seriously, my DREAM house!!! A bathroom fit for a queen (my best friend is seriously considering moving into the closet it's THAT awesome) with a tub I can only use once a month because filling it will cost a fortune! A kitchen that makes The Bear drool. They use the word "Gourmet" to describe it. Yep. And a yard. A real one. One that I can plant veggies and flowers in. One that I can have BBQ's in. One that my babies (do you like how I added an extra baby in there heh) can play in for years to come. It even has a front porch. A long one. It's not quite out of Happy Vally, but close. We'd probably still have all mormon neighbors but a girl can hope right?

I don't want to speak too soon, and I told The Bear I wasn't going to whisper a word to anyone, but I think it might be ours. Yep, closet and everything. All mine (to share with Mr. Bear). I want to cry. Mr. Bear is doing official stuff right now, he even called me to ask about stuff like whether or not I wanted shelves built in around the fireplace (EEEK!!!), but we still have lots of not so fun stuff to wait and see on (see the second paragraph about anxiety). If all goes as planned it will be built and ready for move in sometime in August. Are we actually going to live in a home that fits all of our stuff by the time Baby Bear is one? A girl can hope right?

Here's to hoping. Send good house vibes our way!

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