Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

This week I finally "officially" packed up all of Baby Bear's 0-3 month clothing items (and a few 3-6 month pants that don't fit her long legs and booty bottom). Whoa boy was it a sad day for me. I have watched her grow. I've been excited to see all the things she can learn. So why am I so shocked??? I miss my tiny little itty bitty baby.

I wish I could go back and smell her newborness just one last time. Hold her tiny little head while she nursed through the night. Snuggle her on my shoulder without having her squirm away from me. Oh how will I ever make it through her life without crying over every new development? I suppose this is being a parent.

Today we folded diapers together. Well. I folded diapers. She stole them from my pile every time I turned my head. Eventually she had the bulk of the laundry on her lap and smiled up at me just as innocent as can be. I put my hands on her face, brought my head down low to touch hers, and kissed her over and over and over again. She loves when I do this. She loves big open mouth kisses especially. I love smelling her sweet scent. I love her. Then we decided that it was a good time to abandon our piles and take a nap together. I love being a mama. Thank you Mr. Bear for letting me spend all my days at home with my baby girl. Our time together is precious. Look at that face? I'm drunk from love. Time to go sleep so I can be close to her.


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful, Melissa. I just want to cuddle her.

Green Mama said...

I just packed up 4 big boxes full of clothes Connor has already grown out of. I'm shocked how quickly he grew out of everything! I miss my itty bitty baby too! I can't wait to have another itty bear in those clothes again...sooo cute!

Jess said...

Oh, I know the feeling! I get so sad everytime I realize, "this is the last time she'll wear THIS one!". I wish I could hit PAUSE and just savor every tiny thing. Why must they grow up so, so fast!?


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