Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Times They Are Changin

I really despise moving. Really. The mess, the disorganization no matter how organized we try to be, the effort. UGH! And thinking that I will have to do this not just once but TWICE in the next 4 months makes me want to cry. *CRIE* While Mr. Bear travels it's up to me to get what remains of our house in order. This means lots of laundry and lots of decisions and lots of packing away things that I hope I don't need.

You see our condo has been sold but they haven't even broken ground on our new house yet. So, in the interim, we are moving in with Mr. Bear's brother. I love him and I love his house, there is plenty of room for us, but I hate giving up our own things for these few months, and I hate knowing that we are infringing on his privacy. But mostly I hate that I have to pack and move and then unpack and then pack and move and unpack again. I suppose I should be grateful because once we unpack in the new AMAZING house I won't have to worry about it again for many many years. I'll just need to worry about furnishing and organizing a house that is triple the size of our condo, landscaping a huge yard, & finishing a basement. Then I have to keep it all clean.

Baby Bear's room is mostly packed, although it looks like a bomb went off in there. Mr. Bear packed most of the kitchen and excess storage stuff. Now I'm just feeling like I don't know where to go next. I don't want to pack anything I'll need this week and I don't want to pack something and send it off to storage if it actually needs to come with us. I'm tired and lonely and wish The Bear was here to keep me company. I suppose I should go start some more laundry while the Baby naps. *le sigh*

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AnnDee said...

Moving is so hard! I'm sorry that you have to do it twice, but that's so great that you are going to be moving into your own house. It's an amazing feeling! Wish it was sooner for ya!


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