Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goodnight Cow Jumping Over the Moon

Once again I'm sitting up on the computer when I should be sleeping. The Bear came home from his business trip, unplugged the television system, realized he has no where to put it all yet, & went to bed. I was a brat about it I admit. I didn't want to be left alone and I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep that early (9:30). Maybe I need a business trip so I can come home and sleep well...hmmm.....

Tomorrow is moving day and this place is a mess of boxed up items and random piles of things needing a home. I'm happy that we are one step closer to getting into our dream house but I'm feeling sentimental and sad about leaving the place we've called home our entire relationship. This is where he brought me on our second date. I remember sitting on his couch, drinking wine that wasn't very good (believe me his taste has improved since then), and watching a movie. I was amazed at how neat, tidy, and decorated it was. The most impressive bachelor pad I've ever seen. I remember sitting on the couch and telling him that I would take a pregnancy test if he would go buy it. I don't know if I was more scared to see that positive sign or just feeling lazy (hey blame it on the tadpole sucking up all my energy at the time!). He left right then and I have to laugh thinking about him wandering the pregnancy test aisle all alone at WalMart. I will never forget my 48 hours of labor in our living room. I was so miserable with the 2 minute contractions that I didn't even move from the couch to sleep. And then....bringing our sweet baby girl home. Decorating her first nursery, sleeping next to her in our room, bathing her in the little tub, spending hour after hour rocking and holding her here. I'm sad to see our little home go but hopefully I will always keep the memories (old age memory loss be damned) of our first years together.

I'm just overwhelmed with everything I suppose. It's been a long week all by myself and now our last night together here I'm wasting away on the computer. I hope we are ready for this next chapter. There is so so much to worry about. I need to crawl into bed with my loves and all will fall into place. Goodnight moon.

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