Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 Months

2 months since my little giant entered the world on that long long night in August. 2 months since I first put my hands on his soft skin and smelled his delicious baby breath. 2 months since his first cries and first gaze into my eyes. 2 whole months. It goes so fast, it really does. This time I expected it but it still just flies by at an alarming rate.

The truth is, beyond 2 months feeling like a long time to have been alive, he doesn't do too much to write about. He's just beyond adorable almost all of the time. What else is there to do? I'd say he sleeps like an angel but I'm still anticipating the day when he doesn't sleep well anymore. Or the day I realize he doesn't get any better, he just always wakes up to nurse once a night until he leaves for high school. He talks and smiles and gurgles at us in the most delightful voice. His chubby little arms and legs flail around while he tries to catch on to something, though he isn't quite sure what to do with an object once he has it in his tiny little grasp.

At this age you can see a glimpse of the fun baby they are growing into BUT you aren't quite there yet. He is just a suggestion of what he will be in 2 more months. We nurse, sleep, walk around, talk, change some diapers, nap, change more diapers, nurse a lot more, walk around, nurse, have some tummy time......every day is pretty much the same, just like that. I spend a lot of time with my lips planted firmly on his cheek or my nose pressed next to his mouth, because I'm absolutely intoxicated with the smell of his skin and breath. Absolutely.

Sometimes he cries. Mostly he complains. His sister adores him. I adore them both.

Mothering two babies is hard work. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't. There are days like today when I wake up to a potty trained toddler who has pooped in her night pull up. When the day starts off with a mandatory bath before I've even washed the sleep from my eyes I know I will just be And I am. I will be. I was. And it is so worth it to love on my babies every minute. I just hope they know I love them so.

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