Friday, October 26, 2012

Stocking Stuff 2012 Christmas Edition

Rather than a full blog post I just thought I'd share that I've been working on a couple stocking stuffer boards on Pinterest. Not that they are all that interesting since pretty much anyone could do some searches for stocking stuffers and find the same :). However, if you are lazy, like I am most of the time, feel free to take a peek. Most everything I would love to receive myself or would get for someone in my life. Some of my favorites?

Pretty Paris Cosmetic Bag
Felt bows by blogger and Etsy shop owner Mrs. Priss
Christmas Coal soap
Ok I can't really pick favorites because I like them all but these are some peeks at a few fun things. I'm really trying to have my ideas ready before I start shopping because I always forget by the time I get my Christmas spending money. I hate to be talking holidays before Halloween has even begun but PEOPLE I'm trying to be prepared. Confession, I already bought some cute things that I have on the list that aren't even being set aside :/.

1 comment:

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

This makes me feel special! :) And you're wayyy ahead of me with the gift ideas... I'm still trying to figure out Halloween costumes! Ughh


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