Friday, January 2, 2009

Give Me A Reason

*FYI I tried to format better with the pictures and descriptions at the bottom but I don't know computer shit and so I did the best I could with what I had. Which wasn't much. Who knows how terrible it looks on YOUR computer screen.*

Ahhh well the holidays are finally over. Finally being the key word. No more discussion about how much of a Scrooge McScrooger I am, no more "Cheer" and if my neighbors are smart there will be NO MORE Christmas lights up and down the streets sending me into seizures with their bright and shiny glow. I am celebrating the new year with hopes that next year I can pretend Christmas does not exist. Though I say the same thing every year and have yet to avoid or ignore it's presence. Looking back I might say that 2008 was just like the year before with more or less of certain things. Things will now be listed below, bulleted and randomized as is my fashion.


♥ Tequila drinking
♥ working (hence the tequila)
♥ laughing
♥ questioning (everything)
♥ heartbreak (but life does go on)
♥ opportunities
♥ Sex (kidding just checking to see if you were truly paying attention)
♥ pink eye. Not just more...for the first time EVER! TWICE!
♥ eye drops, because now I'm addicted
♥ spending money on good food
♥ partying at cabin's with younger boys
♥ shotgunning PBR & corrupting adult men who have never shot gunned a beer...or tasted PBR
♥ delicious beer
♥ fancy wine
♥ getting older


♥ crying
♥ wasted....ness (or so I'm trying to convince myself)
♥ showering....I'm sure we both wish I was kidding. But I'm not! It really seemed like a good idea at the time.
♥ likewise....less shaving my legs. Awesome is what that is.
♥ close friendships with people I've known for a long long time. :(
♥ reading. I sense a resolution for this one.....
♥ eating meat! I just totally high fived myself on this one.
♥ caring about people who don't care back
♥ being single for years at a time

Some of these are sad to me but I need to laugh at them. Some of them are happy for real and I'm laughing remembering it all. Some of them don't make me feel anything at all.

Now for as much as I hate the C word I must admit the holiday helped to make my blog MORE COLORFUL and full of pictures. Here are some things I did in December.

Got pink eye and took creepy up close pictures of it! case you needed/wanted it. My doctor told me it was pretty awesomely intense. In so many words.

Went to a work Cword party and won employee of the year for the accounting department, among other things. This means I'm a bad ass.

Cried, drank, and put on party hats with Carly Ray to make me feel better.

Had the best parents in the whole world.

Dated this man.

but moved in with this one.

Laughed at pugs jumping around my lap....AT THE KITCHEN TABLE!

and took a tequila shot with some of my very most favorite friends to celebrate...something. What a delightful way to end the year.


Manda said...

I'm right there with you on shaving my legs less this year. oops. I'm just happy the holidays are over..

Emilee said...

I love how I am looking at my hand saying, "What does one do with the salt on this hand?"


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