Sunday, April 7, 2013

All My Bags Are Packed

After a lot of thought and back and forth decision making I decided to move my blog to a wordpress account. I am still getting used to the formatting there, I haven't really had time to put much thought into the design, and I'm not 100% I like it more.....but, the layout just seems more clean and ultimately that won me over.

It's prettier and more awesome. There I said it.

I know if you have my blog in your reader (did you know Google Reader is gone for good this Summer?) or saved in your bookmarks it might be annoying to update it, but please do. All my old posts and comments are still there, and although there aren't very many of you (that I know of anyway) I'd really love to know that I'm still on your reading list. In the next few weeks I'll be adding all my little lovelies like Google+1 buttons, and share buttons or whatever. Please make the move with me, because my mom is going to get really lonely if you don't!

The new address is :

Ok GO! Update my address, or add it for the first time if you have just magically come across this post for no reason. Thank you!

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