Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

Life is hectic and as much as I tried to plan ahead, I had all the Easter basket fixings weeks ahead of time, the holiday came and went without much fanfare. Mad and I colored eggs one afternoon, in a rush, with the intent of coloring more with daddy later. That didn't happen so I was grateful for our spur of the moment egg afternoon after all. I didn't take pretty pictures of the kid's baskets because I put them together in the dark and they were up before the sun. The moment itself is more important than the pictures we remember them with but unfortunately mom and dad were just a little grouchy and it didn't feel as special as I had imagined it would. I don't think Mad noticed because she was so delighted with everything. I guess we need to see the world through her little 3 year old eyes more often. 
Egg hunting

Jaime was good at grabbing the eggs, so long as sister didn't see him.

Mama made an egg just for him. He was too tired to care.
My Maddie so loves holidays. Every day should be a celebration, in her mind. She is happy for every holiday and every birthday, if for no other reason than to announce HAPPY *insert holiday or birthday here* to everyone she loves. She loves the decorations at the grocery store we frequent and of course loves any holiday themed treat or cake. The day will come when the holidays feel like more of a disappointment when it isn't as cool or done up as her friends at school (thanks, thanks a lot Pinterest) but for now she is so thrilled with the moments we have. I feel lucky for that. 
Bubbles are always her favorite

 So, Happy Easter, I hope it was a lovely one for everyone, if you celebrate. If we are being totally honest I just like making Easter baskets.

Not sure who likes her new purple Hunters more, her or me.


Nick said...

Little Madie reminds me of Tesh as a little girl. So cute and sweet without a care in the world other than happiness.

Shannon said...

Those boots are soooo cute! adorable!

Foushee's said...

OMG her dress is adorable!!! And the purple hunters...so cute!

Foushee's said...

Her Easter dress to sooooo cute with the purple boots. She is too cute!


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