Friday, April 5, 2013

The Yucks

This week has been a question of letting the nose run a little bit more or, oops, that yellow slash green goop is almost in his mouth. Ok now it is in his mouth so I'm sorry little brother, you're going to scream, but I have to wipe. Wipe, saline, suction, more wiping.....I hope I can keep the snot trail at bay for another hour by putting him through all of that. Temperatures and worrying. Bouncing around the house and sending my other loves to other bedrooms so me and the cranky babe can take up the whole bed with our restless night routines.
Miss Mad was sick earlier in the week, but handles the runny nose better than all of us.
Today my own throat was scratchy when I woke. My head was throbbing. A shower, that fixes everything. No. Coffee maybe? Crying sad baby, still hurting. Finally in the afternoon I caved and closed my eyes for 30 minutes while he napped on my bed. My bed with no sheets because there was mucus throw up on them. Gross? That is simply life right now, it IS gross but mama doesn't get to opt out so you have to hear about it. My bed that was also covered in piles of (clean) laundry because I was just too tired to do it. That gets to be my excuse today anyway, not sure what the deal is the other days of the week.
I wrapped him and we walked and walk and walked......
So we slept, his eyes red and swollen from the sickness and just plain exhaustion. Mad Maddie watched TV, she had no complaints, and didn't realize what a terrible mother I feel I am when I plop her in front of the tv, alone, while I rest. Yesterday she went out the front door while I was emptying the garbage and headed to the neighbors. I ran around the house screaming her name, looking in closets, feeling my heart sink into panic mode, when the neighbor called over the fence that she was there. I was ready to cry and yell and hug her forever but she just didn't understand. And besides, her Auntie had just pulled up and that was much more important than my hugs. At least now, when she is playing with her bath toys in the sink, making a royal mess, I know she is there and I can hear her mess making.

I made a doctors appointment for the wee man then cancelled it. I hope he doesn't have an ear infection. I called my mom to whine about my problems. I put the babe down for another nap and prayed, even though I don't pray, that the day could end with a hot bath, BEFORE 9pm.

My sister says I'm not funny now that I'm a mom & married. I can't imagine what has happened to my sense of humor.

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