Sunday, January 11, 2009

9 Times Out of 10

Mel: When Yenchi has a pug puppy we should have one! Kidding!
Mr. Bear: We can get a pug puppy...but it's yours if you leave me. And it has to be a Yenchi pug puppy. Small.
Mel: You never know. There's no guarantee.
Mr. Bear: We'll just get a girl.
Mel: There's no guarantee.
Mr. Bear: 9 times out of 10 girls are smaller.
Mel: You're so full of shit! You just made that shit up.
Mr. Bear: Google it!
Mel: You just made that shit up.

Just one of the awesome conversations we have through out our days together. But you better believe he loves those little shit fucks more than he ever thought possible. Shedding, snorting, begging and all. It's amazing what a little affection for a person can do you for you. He has also finally learned that regardless of what he might insist I am always right. No point in arguing when you're with someone who knows everything. *shrug* Yeah, sometimes it's tough to be as awesome and as perfect as I am. It's a cross I am will to bare (bear? haha)

1 comment:

C.S. Perry said...

Don't kid yourself. If they got the cahnce...they'd eat you and everybody you care about.

P.S. I've added your blog to the Rooked Reading list. Let me know if you'd prefer to be removed.


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