Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Ultimate

Where to start. Well. I haven't put make up on in WEEKS (now turning into months) I've stopped trying to remember if I'm wearing the same shirt as I wore 3 days ago (hey if it's clean I'll take it!), I've been snacking on the same Blueberry Luna bar for 3 days...the same bar that I threw half of up on Tuesday because of that lovely Tequila hangover, I got a manicure today and my hands are you really want me to continue? Because I can. Don't get me started on shaving. Underarms are a stretch this week.

And yet, I'm chipper and listening to Bryan Adams while I blog(yeah what are you gonna do about it. FYI my jokes about the music I listen to are NOT jokes. I really do have a Michael Bolton album, just one).

There are 5652 emails total in my Outlook. Who is even noticing that I have 15 unread emails in my inbox and I can't read them because I can't even find them! 22 voicemails....that's nothing compared to my usual 45 (that is the max my phone can hold). I probably shouldn't make a joke about how there are only 22 because I just erased half of them the other day. Awkward! And the paper. My desk is being held responsible for holding 1/2 of the world's rain forest's hostage. Believe me I don't take that accusation lightly. Oh the guilt.

And yet, I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper (lovehandles, what? Huh?) and wishing I could be headed to my vaca in California right this very second. I took a 2 hour lunch and left my phone on silent. I'm really only concerned about finishing my work by 5 so I can go home to Mr. Bear, a delicious cranberry & blue cheese salad & a fancy bottle of wine. Oh, and Grey's. We aren't risking the recording disaster again today so you now know what I'll be doing at 8PM this evening and you better believe it won't be working from home.

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C.S. Perry said...

It's good to know that there are still Genuine Freaks in the world.


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