Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Song That Never Ends

Ok. I should have known that I either posted the whole year at once, or settle for half the year, because I only get on at night and usually once the wee one is in bed I'm glued to one of our many t.v. addictions OR sleeping along side her. But really there isn't much to report about the remainder of '09. Two major events make up the rest of the year.

There was this (our trip to Rhode Island to visit Grampy while 7 months pregnant):

and of course this (you should be able to figure this one out no?):

I'd say the trip got the raw end of the deal because it was totally cool BUT having a baby was way more awesome. Way more. Except the part of bringing her into this world. That was kind of a bitch.

Anyway, now I have THIS (photo taken by Wickenden):

and I kid you not it is the most incredible time of my life. Exhausting, fulfilling, maddening, simply amazing every single moment of every single day (notice I said day, not night, because nighttime is NO LONGER amazing in our house). But alas, this blog has seen too much pregnancy, too much baby (wait is that even possible?), and not enough of the old "raw" Melissa. I admit, my life IS baby and little else but I'm still in there somewhere and I guess I'd like to get that back, at least on this little blog. Of course as I have typed all this I've been up about a half dozen times to go put my little bug back to sleep and it makes writing anything, especially writing selfishly for or about myself, extremely difficult. It's a challenge and I am going to take it....ADDITIONALLY I'll be updating our new aptly titled website, The AngryBears with a family blog, recipes we're trying, pictures Mr. Bear or I have taken...and whatever else I can find to make our lives seem more interesting than they really are. So I hope you'll visit my site regularly and comment letting me know how awesome it is *hint hint* while still making THIS site a guilty pleasure (due to the bad comedy and swear words your mom/dad/husband/wife/guardian doesn't want you associating with online).

Over and out.

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