Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Thing About Dreaming Is.....

The house is quiet tonight. Mr. Bear is at the BYU/Utah game decked out in his Utah gear so as not to be confused for a Cougar fan. My Baby Bear is sleeping peacefully, for now, and I am wasting time online. I'm not supposed to be shopping for diapers but does it count if they are super cheap gently used diapers?

Today the furnace went on the fritz and we were cold. Today I am grateful for heat. Today I wish it was Spring.

I'm tired like whoa. I'm in need of some serious M time. I'm craving a treat and a glass of wine.

Currently we are looking into looking for a house. Our little condo, while nice on the pocketbook, is just SOOOOO cramped. I'm cranky at it. I try to imagine our perfect home. It has a big master bathroom. I have my own office for all my "stuff" and a guest bed that I can decorate to my own liking. I can fit all of the nursery in one room. I can fit a bigger co-sleeper next to our bed. I have room for a rocker in the master bedroom. I have a yard ready to be filled with vegetables and a playground for the warm months. There is a porch so Mr. Bear and I can sit and snuggle while the sun sets. There is a place to BBQ and eat outside. Our neighbors are awesome and don't look at us like sinners when we leave the house in jeans on a Sunday. *side note: The Bear says not to expect neighbors to befriend us just because they aren't Mormon either. He suggested I be more friendly. WTF????? I say hi to the neighbor's pug all the time! He loves me. /side note. It is out of Happy Valley. It has a beautiful, big, sunny kitchen. There are nice area's to go for walks. It is perfect. Is that too much to ask?

Now I am going to go dream about houses.

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