Friday, May 14, 2010

8 months (WTH!?!)

In a few days my little darling will be 8 months old. I don't understand how this could have happened! I told her that if she continued to grow older I would ground her for life. She obviously isn't intimidated by my threats because she grows and changes every single day.

Right after she turned 7 months her two bottom teeth popped in. One day we were saying how white her gums were looking and the next morning *BAM* there they were. The surprising thing is that she had been in the best mood that week and slept like an angel (an angel that wakes up only two times!) the night before. I am sad to say goodbye to the baby gum smile days but at least this new smile is cute too!

*here is a bath picture shortly after her teeth came in. You can kind of see them poking out. Sweetness.

Lately she has really found her voice and jabbers LOUDLY all the time. I'm having difficulty getting a video of it where she doesn't start to cry, because she see's my phone and wants to have it for herself, but I'm working on it. She's always been talkative at home but more quiet in new places while she stares at everyone but these days it takes a lot to keep her quiet. We go out to dinner and she hollars and growls while all the tables stare at us. She also throws all her toys on the floor. Her most favorite game.

It seems like just yesterday I was stressed because she was well past 6 months and had no interest in eating anything other than mama's milk. Now the little piggy will eat any food I give her. Well, so long as it's pureed. She doesn't chew at all so we've been unsuccessful in getting her to take thick table foods without gagging and refusing to try again. But she isn't picky otherwise. Apples, oatmeal, & avacado is one of her favorite breakfast treats. Carrots used to be the fav but she I don't love the way the come out so I don't give them more than once a week usually. She loves lentils and rice, spinach, potatoes, squash, corn, zucchini, yams, sweet potatoes....the only food she has refused so far is green beans, which is funny because they are my favorite and I craved them all the time during my pregnancy. I probably ate green beans 3 times a week all Summer long.

She has also been learning all kinds of new tricks and if she likes you a lot she will perform, but never on command. She loves peek-a-boo and is getting really good. She has learned to hold the blanket over her face for a few seconds and make us wait, and then do lots of quick peeks in a row to get a really fun reaction. She waves "hi" and it is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. She LOVES doggies and is very good at being "so soft" when she pets them. She will do the sign for doggie if they are around and I remind her what it is. She likes that sign because it's pretty easy to wack her leg with her hand and of course she enjoys the cheers from everyone in the room. She dances to music, sings softly when she's tired (the only time she ever uses a quiet voice), plays games on my Iphone, and gives the biggest yummiest kisses EVER (but only if she's in the mood for lovin). She isn't really close to crawling yet but has started to lunge to get where she wants to be. Right now she is climbing onto my lap trying to get the computer so I guess I will have to finish up.

She doesn't sleep through the night, or anything close to it, but she looks awfully cute when she falls asleep in my bed. I'm creating a monster, I know. Her thing these days is to hold her little feet and then she can finally catch some zzzz's. The picture is terrible because it was very dark and I only had my Iphone to edit with...but seriously, how cute is she!

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