Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Can Feel the Peace Permeate the Air

Where have YOU been?!? That would be my response if anyone wondered why me and my wonderful blogging self hasn't delivered the usual bloggish hilarity this past week.

First of all, if you didn't know or if you are not from the United States of America (doubtful since my readership consists of my sister, all my friends (3 people)...and me) last Thursday was Thanksfornothinggiving and I was not at work for 5 whole days. Yep, real whole days...and one half.

My Thanksfornothinggiving was just the same as all the other obnoxious dinners had at the Parental's home. We sat at the table and yelled loudly to out speak each other, after a toast to our beloved Uncle who passed away this year, and when we were done I took a nap..... The kids built forts out of toys that took up the entire living room. I sat in the dark with my sister and had a Thanksfornothinggiving celebratory smoke. Celebratory because I made it through one more Thanks for NOTHING year.

My ungratefulness is despicable, I realize this. It isn't that I'm not grateful for the beautiful things in my life. I have a lot to be grateful for and I had a long chat with Baby Jesus that night letting him know how happy I am for all the goodness that he has graced my existence with. It's just that holidays remind me of the past which I prefer to keep in THE PAST. They remind me of my many failures and I'm still trying to keep up the facade that I am AWESOME and have never failed at anything. It's a hard image to keep up when I generally fail at everything. I totally failed life this year and I wouldn't care to celebrate it.

Secondly (don't forget I'm giving you reasons for being absent last week) I have been working. Yeah, I'm a worker. I love it! It's awesome. Almost as awesome as me. I miss lists so I'm going to make a short list about all the AWESOME things that come with working 2 jobs.

Come back soon!!! kthanksloveyoubye

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Emilee said...

Jordan and I had a good laugh about Thanksfornothinggiving. The failures are right in my face too. RIGHT THERE. Maybe it is not failing? Maybe it is winning because as people keep telling me, I am soooo lucky.


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