Monday, November 24, 2008

My Whole Life is Just Change Falling Out of My Pockets

Sunday morning I woke up with a plan. A good one. Blogging about it includes a lot of back(forward?)slashes and I'm excited for it/them. The world SLASH is awesome and so every time you see this,/, you MUST say "slash" in your head. Or out loud, whichever is preferable to your blog reading style.

This weekend I was going to pray to my heathen God that Sunday would be fantastically beautiful, as it has been all week (alas my "knees"/weather update sources were incorrect in their expectation of snow and cold and misery), and I could drag Mr. Bear up the canyon for the hike/walk I've been wanting/needing.

Pray/Praying/Prayed. IT WORKED!!! Apparently I've confirmed that there is such a thing as a heathen God/God of Heathens and Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!!! And by beautiful I mean incredible/everything I could possibly ask for on a Sunday in November in the cold infested state of Utah/All that is Miserable. Mr. Bear and I got up and headed for coffee right after showers and WoW time HAHAHAHAH (sorry) as I cannot function without it. Example (give or take some words for blogness compatibility):

Mr. Bear: What would you like for breakfast?
Me: Coffee
Mr. Bear: And?
Me: Toast?
Mr. Bear: We'd have to sit somewhere to get coffee AND toast.
Me: Ok, just coffee.
Mr. Bear: *looking up some place with breakfast type food that is not as complicated as sit down with a waitress restaurants*
Me: It's Sunday. I don't think they even have coffee.
Me in my own head: Food? What is food? Where is my coffee? What day is it? Where am I? Who is this man talking about ingesting a meal before I am caffeinated? Do normal people require a substance OTHER THAN caffeine in the morning? Weird. MUST.HAVE.COFFEE.

We drove what felt like hours to the nearest Starfucks so I could function properly and fueled up. Lucky for Mr. Bear they serve somewhat edible bagels (note: SOMEWHAT if you like dry bagels, which I do as long as I have coffee) and it didn't require a waitress. He ate in 2 minutes. I ate in 20. It was delightful and he needs to learn how to eat at a normal human/Melissa is slow pace.

Our walk up the the canyon was so lovely and I want to do it all over again every single day/once a week. We also saw a dead body/homeless kid dead/sleeping in a body bag/sleeping bag on the way back to the car. Some people thought that was really hilarious.

Mr. Bear: I hate when change falls out of my pockets and beneath my seat where I will never see it again.
Me: My whole life is just change falling out of my pockets.
Mr. Bear: Wow! That was really deep. *smirk* (possibly imagined the smirk but it's doubtful)
Me: No, I mean literally. I'm always dropping change everywhere.
Mr. Bear: But the DOUBLE meaning. That really was deep! You should blog about that! It would make a great blog!

So here I am, change falling out of my pockets and all, take that as you will/in a very deep way. Next time you drop some change and swear out loud/in your head because it has been lost to the underneath of your seat I hope you think of us. I will advise you not to pay $60.00 for a car detail just to find at least that much hiding beneath you. Just sayin.

*Some convo is not word for word. I can barely remember my name each morning (especially before coffee) let alone full word for word conversations. BUT it is essentially the same and this is the only time I will ever clarify this lapse in actuality. It ruins the blogness of my blog and all that which is funny/blogish.


Manda said...

starbucks bagels are the worst!! who is mr. bear?? I think i know...but do i really know? I have no idea

Anonymous said...
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