Friday, November 7, 2008

Drinking Around for No Reason

The funniest caption blog ever!

In other news: I'm alone this weekend and plan to celebrate** by consuming enough Tequila to give me a hangover Sunday morning, which will be A LOT of Tequila. Below I've created a list of all the reasons I am drinking this weekend. Making a list is the only good way to stay productive and I would hate to be an un-productive drunk! Each item is punctuated with an exclamation mark because it is A)awesome! & B)Annoying to a lot of people that I probably don't like! (kind of like when I use CAPS all the time, YES!) Side notes are in parenthesis though I wish I could insert some sort of roll over note pop out...hmmmm....

♥ Obama won!
♥ My dad will condone it, which makes it ok, because he said this when I asked what he was doing this weekend, "drinking heavily. woo hoo"!
♥ I'm celebrating being the best person I know at drinking Tequila!
I have a lot of other things I should be doing I have nothing better to do!
♥ I made it through the week!
♥ It's my un-birthday!
♥ Celebrating not being pregnant, impressive!
♥ Celebrating my friends not being pregnant! (one shot for every friend who is baby free...word.)
♥ Your mom!
* ♥ I drank responsibly like TWO TIMES this week. Really impressive!
♥ I still don't have a second job! (this item shouldn't have an exclamation mark because it is really stressing me out but I made a commitment and dammit if I won't follow through)
♥ Just because! (this is the most important reason really. If you can't drink "just because" then what's the point?! Perhaps I should change my blog to "Drinking Around for No Reason". That makes me laugh)

Hence ends my attempt to avoid Tequila related posts. For today anyway. Talking about one earring just doesn't cut it.

*As great as it is to explore the life of a responsible, social drinker it just isn't me and one has to be true to their heart. No? I KID! I love being

**Not to celebrate being alone....celebrate the weekend.

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