Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ease Back Brother


Yeah, that's how I feel today. I'm laughing because of many things most of which are related to the events of last night (and corresponding drama on the internets today).

I'm remembering the conversation I had with my roommate's boyfriend about how Obama would surely get the majority of the popular votes but IF he won the electoral votes it was sure to be a close call HAHAHAHA. I'm laughing because all the LDS women on my Facebook page have made comments about how bad the next 4 years are going to be (WHERE have you been the past 8 years???) and that they are sad and worried about our country HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm laughing because today at work a co-worker ordered lunch from a shitty restaraunt in honor of Obama's win and said if "anyone didn't like it to blame Pres. Bush" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm laughing because I commented to a good friend whom I've known for many many years that I was grateful to him for standing with unwavering support of Obama despite what those around him said about it and one of his acquaintances called me ignorant because of it HAHAHAHAHAHA. And I'm also laughing because his accusation infuriated me so much that I started to shake HAHAHAHAHA. I'm laughing at every single person who is saying Obama is God's punishment to the world for killing babies and wanting to allow same sex marriage HAHAHAHAHAHA. Only Jesus himself can save us now! We will burn alive if we allow equal rights!

Oh, and I'm laughing because I'm truly such an ornery ass hole this week that I've nothing but bitch and moan (about things that truly do NOT matter) to someone who has been nothing but an absolute peach to me. Not a laugh because I think it's funny, though who doesn't laugh at some poor man who has to put up with an ornery ass PMSing woman, but because I KNOW it's pretty pathetic.....consider it more of a maniacal laughter.

Other things that make me laugh:

♥ Being told I need to replace my tires. Something about being bald
♥ Our power bill
♥ Southpark
♥ Dreams about foxes that can make popcorn
♥ Trick questions
♥ Ex's
♥ Co-workers
♥ Quitting second jobs
♥ My i-tunes play list when it will only play the songs I hate
♥ Not responding to emails
♥ Republicans
♥ Crying
♥ Laughing gas
♥ Eating peanut butter off of nipples

I'm sure there are more so this list is subject to continuous update. If you have anything that I've missed please comment.

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