Thursday, November 20, 2008

Еб тваю мать...в банкe

This morning as I rushed out the door (rushing because I have been in the bad habit of obsessing over my chubby ass in the mirror before deciding what to wear each morning) I realized that I had a couple of necessary errands that needed to be taken care of before I started my day. Adding errands to an already frazzled, distant, sidetracked Melissa? Interesting.

Sometimes when I drive I realize how TOTALLY unorganized I can be. Why don't I wait to walk out the door until my coat is on....or, you know, everything is at least in my purse. Instead I leave the house with one arm in my coat, my scarf half tied, phone, keys, hair pins, breakfast and most of the contents of my purse IN MY HANDS! Not in my purse, where they belong. So what I'm saying is it is quite a sight to watch me walk to my car some mornings. This is usually followed by a drive where I try to remember what it was that morning I told myself I needed to remember. Then it becomes a struggle to even remember if there was ANYTHING I needed to remember at all. Perhaps it was yesterday I had things to remember...and if that is the case I definitely didn't even remember to remember it let alone remember it a day later.

What I'm trying to say, lest I get side tracked (SHINY OBJECTS!!!) & forget, is that sometimes, er MOST of the time, I'm a headcase who can't remember shit and to be honest I don't try that hard to rectify the problem. Now I'm going to tell you a very short story to sum up my morning: Wait for it......BAM

Notice something missing from this picture?

If this was my bank I visited this morning...and that was my banking tube I picked up my transaction through...then the actual container the following customer might need to complete THEIR transaction would be in my back seat. Yep. I noticed when I got to work and have yet to return it. Just another moment when I think to myself, "Is this a sign that I'm going a little crazy?", to which I answer, "Yes, yes it is", TO MYSELF!

Note: If you can't read Russian, and that is perhaps a good thing, I will tell you that I don't think my title is at all appropriate for repeating. It could say chicken fucker and I would have no idea. But that would be cool if it did.


Manda said...

don't feel crazy i have taken home a tube or two in my day and when i worked at wells fargo it happenned ALL the time. Just drive up send it in and BOUNCE! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Fuck your Mother in the bank is what it says. :]


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