Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tweet & Tweeted & YetAnotherListOMGWTF

My most recent Tweet: this day is awesome. people are awesome. i am super in love with this shitty ass day/week. awesome.

It isn't that everything this week has been shitty. Thank you to the following for being the kind of awesome that is happy and not shitty:

♥ Gin & Tonic
♥ Tequila shots
♥ Xanax scrip refills
♥ hilarity during dinner
♥ fancy dresses
♥ good sleep
♥ good work out sessions
♥ the release of the most awesome game ever EVAH; WoW! OMG I love that game! Totally powering up right now (is that even possible? you know who you are...)
♥ being served alcohol somewhat illegally
♥ stupid people
♥ drunken....conversation
♥ Mr. Bear for accompanying, providing, enjoying all of the above with/for me

As for the bull shit that makes everything so awesome, well. yeah. I'll kill a bitch. And anyone that ever makes me cry again. And your mom. Kidding, I won't kill your mom but if you do it and you need an alibi I can totally provide. Or maybe I won't and this is all a set up (by your mom)? *insert mysterious music here* also *waving my hands in a mysterious manner*.

I will say that, regardless of my badassness, matters of the heart are never easy. Also....if you give something up don't try and make it feel bad for moving on. Not cool yo. A second also; if the something you gave up was, say, an M&M that you didn't like, you can't just have it back. Trying to convince someone to give it back is super gross anyway, and kind of pointless. I think I just compared myself to a regurgitated M&M? If that is the case I'd like to be the one with Peanut Butter in the middle. k thanks bye.

*edit: If you are reading this out loud please remember to verbalize all parenthetic indicators. It makes the whole thing so much more....awesome.

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